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Our minders vary from the retired to homeworkers. All have one thing in common - they are dedicated animal lovers.

We carefully vet each minder and work closely with them to provide round the clock support.

A small number have a dog of their own, should your dog prefer to have canine company.

Our aim is to develop a longstanding relationship based on trust and continuity.

Your dog will be cared for in much the same way as at home, living in a homely environment as a regular family pet.

Your minder will have a copy of your dog's profile, which will enable them to adhere to its routine.

You will need to provide food, leads, bedding (if any) and any other grooming items or toys you think may help your dog feel more at home.

Minders usually have their own secure gardens and / or will otherwise live close to parks and commons.

All dogs are required to wear a "Digs4Dogs" identification tag and will not be allowed to exercise off-lead without your written consent.

In the event that your dog should become unwell, we will keep a number on file to reach you or, alternatively, you can provide us with the name and number of a person authorised by you to make decisions about your dog's welfare in your absence.

Whenever possible we will take your dog to its own vet. Any costs incurred must be settled upon your return.

We recommend that all dogs are up to date with vaccinations and are fully insured (to include care by another person).




South London based, serving:

:: Barnes :: Richmond
:: Fulham :: Wandsworth
:: Putney :: Wimbledon

and surrounding areas including Surrey

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